Saturday, April 1, 2017

Talking and saying nothing, man. It is an art I have not mastered.

I've decided that this will be my last blog post here. There are a number of reasons for this.

It has been obvious to me for a while that I really have nothing interesting to say here. I'm not being dramatic or fishing for compliments, I'm just stating the truth. This blog has always been my release, my journal. I don't want to keep complaining about my personal life. You know that story. I don't want to keep complaining about my job or my financial situation. You know that story, too.

So what topics does that leave? Music? Tried that. I'm too old for the crap you hear on top 40 (except Fall Out Boy, natch) and I'm too young (and too liberal, apparently) to join in the music discussions on the blogosphere. 

Politics? God, no. I'm trying to get away from that shit. We're all too entrenched in our partisanship anyhow. There was a well thought out (and frankly necessary) ESPN article about this issue as it pertains to Colin Kaepernick. Naturally, both sides missed the point.

I've been quite fortunate lately, in that I haven't had to encounter my in-laws (or my own "sister" and her husband).. but that luck will run out soon. Niece's birthday. Easter. Other niece's college graduation. Brother-in-law's birthday. All in the next two months. My only hope is that by then we'll be able to chant "Lock him up!"

I do enjoy talking and writing about sports, as you know. Part of the reason why I feel the need to cast aside this blog is because baseball season is about to start, and the hockey playoffs will soon follow. I'm sure I'll discuss those things on my other blog "The Collector", which was created in large part so that you all wouldn't have to slog through content that doesn't interest you.

I wish I could discuss books I've read or movies I've watched.. but the last movie I saw was Catching Fire last weekend. Yes, it was just as enjoyable the fourth time - and on basic cable with commercial interruption. I watched it while sorting a pile of sports cards and munching on Girl Scout cookies. Good times.

When I was in Connecticut I started reading Confessions of a Dumb, White Guy by Matt Shifley aka Mr. Shife. It's probably the first book I started in two years. I'll read more of it over Easter weekend (and hopefully before then.) Perhaps I'll post again when I finish reading, but I'm just as likely to comment on his blog or leave a review on Goodreads.

A few weeks ago I saw commercials for a movie called Before I Fall. I knew this was based on a YA novel, and I knew I had a copy of said novel.. but nothing about the film looked familiar. How long ago did I read the book? Did I ever finish it? Is the movie drastically different? Or did the story simply not resonate with me enough to recognize it when I saw it? I honestly have no idea.

There are a lot of books in my collection that would probably be better suited for teenage girls - though anything by John Green and possibly even the Divergent series supersedes such classification. Fortunately I have two young daughters who will be teens far too soon and might be interested in what will (by then) be two decade old literature.

I suppose I could share more about how unsatisfying and lonely my family life is, and how I can never get my girls to listen, or put away their toys, or put down the tablet, or eat their dinner. But those difficulties are hardly unique to my life.

The only other subject I enjoy writing about is my crush - whoever it happens to be at the time. But the four of you have heard much more than you ever wanted to about which women interest me, and why. I really should stop publicizing my juvenile thoughts. I don't want to seem like a psycho.

(that's her xbf, btw)

Andso I figured this was the best time to just slink away, while everyone's attention is focused on the alphabet blogging challenge, or the Final Four, or the actual start of spring in this part of the world (forget what the calendar says.)

I'll still comment on blogs as often as I can, and I won't delete this blog or any of the posts. Not yet. But I don't see a reason to continue writing here.

Thanks for reading this, everyone. I'll talk to you again soon.



  1. I, for one, have enjoyed reading your blog, Chris. But if you're not taking any pleasure in maintaining it then there's no reason it should become a chore. I hope you won't go away entirely, though. You'd be missed, and not just by me. :)

  2. I like your blog. I like you. You're a good writer. If you want to stop blogging, okay, but I'll miss you. And I don't care if the blog is an outlet for your feelings, especially if it helps you feel better. My blog served the same purpose for me for a long time, and still does on and off.


  3. You can always vent on the card blog if you want. You can just title the post 1991 Donruss if you don't want people to read it!

  4. You can always vent on the card blog if you want. You can just title the post 1991 Donruss if you don't want people to read it!

  5. Bummer. As a reader, it's never fun to read these posts. I hope you keep this blog around and one day start writing again. Regardless... best of luck with everything that's going on in your personal life.

  6. I hope you take a needed break and come back to us. Sometimes it's necessary to take time off to recharge your batteries. Take care.

  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I think that I just need to recharge for a while, yes. I've grown tired of my own words and thoughts so I feel like I'm just repeating myself and boring everyone.

  8. I don't give out comments to make people feel good. If I give out a positive comment I really mean it and I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed the "voice" which drives your blog Chris. It is an honest voice, self-deprecating and true. So many people hide behind voices that are not really their own but with you you really reveal yourself warts and all. I hope that this is just a temporary lull and that you will return to personal blogging as our engaging "pedestrian writer". At times you have made me laugh and brightened my day. Thank you.

  9. "It has been obvious to me for a while that I really have nothing interesting to say here" yoooooo what are you talking about.

    i, too, agree that i've enjoyed reading your blog... sans the baseball cards (hey, we are being honest here, righ?). maybe because my Arabic blood cannot understand what is important about sports anyway. unless /i'm/ playing it. then yes, i see the appeal... though i don't exactly play a "sport". i'm not sure if the things i do are considered sports.

    "Fortunately I have two young daughters who will be teens far too soon and might be interested in what will (by then) be two decade old literature." two decade? some teenage girls are interested in century old literature!

    i think it's partly the pressure to write something. but you really don't have to feel pressurised too write something. hang around a little bit more. when you feel like you have something to say, you can say it. and who said you can't talk about how your girls won't put their phones down? it is your blog and your space. you should be allowed to do (or not do, as you wish) whatever you want to do.

    you are not repeating yourself and boring everyone. trust me. ;)

    though maybe you do need to recharge a bit!

    - Sam Lupin

  10. where aaaaaaaaaaaaare youooooooouuuuuu