Friday, February 10, 2017

Love, Taryn

This isn't going to make much sense if you haven't read my previous post..and I don't usually post on back-to-back days, but...

As a rule, I do not comment on things (other than blog posts). I don't tweet, I don't do Facebook, and I never comment on news articles. I try not to even read other comments because it stresses me out. When I feel like I have something to say, I say it here or I bother D with it because the last thing my life needs is a flame war with a total stranger.

Even when I have something positive to say, I bite my tongue.  I am still the incredibly awkward boy I was in school. Constantly worried about being misunderstood, or ridiculed. When I met a girl I liked, either in real life (Angela) or online (Joy) I tried desperately to be cool, before quickly realizing I don't have the first clue how to do anything but overreact and overthink. I spared myself a great deal of humiliation with one, I completely f*cked up with the other. Andso I keep my mouth shut. 

Except...I didn't follow my rule yesterday. I poured my heart out to a girl I like. 

I commented on Taryn's video.

I really enjoyed this video. It might be an ad, but IMO it's more effective at selling Taryn Southern - and I'm already a loyal consumer. The fun, silly videos are great (and I miss them - please do more!) but this sort of summarizes what you're all about - taking risks, following your own path, being your own boss. Not to mention all of the charitable work you've done, with Tribe of Good and VR-related projects. Keep being that strong, defiant, kind-hearted woman we all love. (And throw us an 80's cover once in a while ;-)

She does reply occasionally, though it's often first-come, first-serve. I was not expecting a reply, nor was I going to worry myself over the lack of one. I had lots of other stuff on my mind.

But while I was opening a package of baseball cards I acquired in a trade with a blogger, this notification popped up.

Taryn Southern replied to your comment

Taryn Southern
1:49 PM
This is the sweetest message Chris!! Thank you so much.

At this time I would like to announce my retirement from the world of YouTube commenting. 

This might just be enough to get me through the awful day that awaits me tomorrow.




  1. Well that is awesome. Happy for you and congrats. It's a great comment too so I can see why she replied.

    1. Thank you! I didn't know I had it in me, but I'm glad I let it out.

  2. Sounds like you've made a great connection. Take care.

    1. Perhaps. Or perhaps I should quit while I'm ahead ;)

  3. "Sweetest"! She used the word "sweetest" as if she could sense the adoration of an unrequited lover winging its way tenderly through the wi-fi. Oh...Chris! Oh...Taryn! (Cue music - "Wild Horses" sung by Susan Boyle).

    1. Yes, this must be the beginning of a whirlwind romance :D

      Now I have to listen to that Susan Boyle song...

    2. You'll fall in love with her too Chris!

  4. "I try not to even read other comments because it stresses me out." i know very well how that feels. dear God.

    "I poured my heart out to a girl I like." as you should to be honest. it's not good keeping all these feelings in at all times. one day, the dam will probably break if you'd have kept it up.

    oh she used the word "sweetest". way to go!

    i'm glad i heard /some/ good news. i feel like life has been throwing you a bit under every time you think you're catching a break!

    good luck with tomorrow.

    - Sam Lupin

    1. Thank you! I'm not going to make a habit of it, but I suppose it's better than blogging about it to my (mostly) female audience!

      Yesterday wasn't so bad. The first part, anyway. Then the in-laws showed up (as they should, its their birthday.) But I feel like a damn child hiding in the den whenever they come. I did say hello though. No one replied. And they cant go two minutes without talking politics. F them.

  5. comment reply:

    i had to look up Robert Irvine protein bars. hmm. sounds to be it's almost like The Complete Cookie that i keep salivating about.

    as for food, it's really hard to fix. but it's worth fixing. otherwise, it's going to be a pain in the back all the time. you're always going to be sitting there, feeling like 'i should have done this' until you do it. and it's a really annoying itch in your body when you have to carry that for a long time.

    i really hope that you do find yourself taking care of yourself better. you deserve that much xxx

    -Sam Lupin

    1. "you're always going to be sitting there, feeling like 'i should have done this' until you do it" You're right, and I am aware of that. I've thought this for years that I better do something before its too late. And yet I haven't hit that 'rock bottom scary moment' yet. I'm still in the 'work sucks, my kids dont listen, my marriage lacks affection, i have no control over what I can do or where i can go, and I'm surrounded by Trump supporters. so I'm gonna chase down a double-shot of Monster with a liter of Mountain Dew and then take a 3 hr nap' phase.

      Eating better is on my mind, though. Really, it is.

  6. That is a lovely comment and you got your reward. The sweetest, that's you.


    1. Aww, thank you Janie. You're pretty sweet yourself ;)

  7. I love the comment you left for me on my last blog post!! It made me feel so much better!

    I'm glad you got such a great reply from Taryn! She's're a sweetheart. You deserve good things in life! Thank you for being my friend...don't forget your blog mates when you and Taryn run away together! 💕

  8. I guess I've been writing some quality comments lately! I hope I can keep this up for a while.

    Thank you so much Jennifer, you guys are all great friends, and you deserve good things too.

    Well, I must be going. Taryn and I have a Valentine's Day date in paradise, haha.